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Since 1984 we design integrated information systems based on the Relational Data Base architecture. In the field of RDBMS we are pioneers as the RDBMS of MIMER, Sweden which we represent was one of the first that where installed in the Greek market.

We choose cutting edge technologies and the most advanced open source tools, and we design and create web based systems and applications that meet exclusively your special requirements and needs.

Record the user's needs

Methodically and systematically, we record, categorize and structure user requirements, based on the actual way they work.



Drawing on proven experience in computer systems analysis, we implement the database schema and define the functional and technical specifications of the new system.


Aiming at continuous monitoring of new technological developments in the IT sector and especially databases, we support the technology of object oriented programming and MULTI-TIER/WEB-BASED architecture solutions suitable for all operating systems. We carry out all necessary tests and functional checks and deliver user manuals and training and support services. On time.

Open source - Inspired architecture

We believe that information is the best guide to selecting the proper technological solution and reliable software products. We are not afraid of comparison, we support new technologies, we recommend excellent low-cost solutions, in the belief that a tailor made application need not and should not be expensive.



Pharmaceutical informatics

Mimer Hellas is the manufacturing company of all the pharmaceutical applications of the National  Organization for Medicines of Greece and the Pharmaceutical Services of Cyprus and is responsible for their maintenance, as well as for the support of users since 1987 and 2009, respectively.

In this context, it has proven and many years of specialized experience in the analysis, design and development of pharmaceutical systems harmonized with current national and European legislation.

Supporting national & european administrative procedures

Management of Marketing Authorizations/Notifications for Pharmaceutical Products for Human Use, for Pharmaceutical Products for Veterinary Use, for Cosmetics, for Dietary Supplements and Special Nutrition products, for Medical Devices, for Biocidal Products, Authenticity Tape Inventory System, Intra-Community Traffic and Exports System, Μanagement of Inspections, Management of Scientific Events & Conferences, Customs Clearance for Pharmaceutical Products for Human or Veterinary Use System, National Formulary, Pricing, Market (Sales, Stock & Shortages) Monitoring System, Pharmacovigillance-Yellow Card System, NewRS Electronic Submission CESP System, IDEM UPD Harmonization/Matching System

Managing scientific pharmaceutical information

Registry and Information Management of:

  • Pharmaceutical Products for Human Use
  • Pharmaceutical Products for Veterinary Use
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary Supplements and Special Nutrition products
  • Medical Devices
  • Biocidal Products
  • In Vitro

Drug Usage Tool (Calculation of DDD and Cost of Day Treatment), Innerhospital Medicine Distribution System, Hospital Pharmacy System

Online pharmaceutical applications

Mimer Hellas continuously implements online applications for the electronic service of pharmaceutical companies and health professionals as well as the public.

User-friendly applications that work flawlessly in all browsers and all resolutions, that save significant amounts of time, ensure security in administrative procedures and offer valid scientific information.



Areas of expertise

Pharmaceutical Integrated Systems

Our systems support national & European administrative procedures, monitor the market and shortages and manage the scientific pharmaceutical information

Health & Hospital Management Systems

Our hospital systems include accounting, warehouse, catering, technical service subsystems, patient reception subsystem, patient health & psychiatric file

Energy Management Systems

We implement cutting-edge technology integrated systems for the Energy Public Sector co-financed by the European Union

Specialized Tailor-made Software Solutions

We develop integrated solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients, whether of public or private sector